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KISSAN is implemented and managed by a group of core experts in the field of management, software engineering, network management, agriculture and media journalism. The integration of highly skilled and dedicated human resources, flexible and robust technological solutions and flexible environment, has helped KISSAN for its various achievements since its inception.

The project is conceived, developed and implemented as per the recommendation from the High level committee on Biotechnology (BT) and Information Technology (IT) constituted by by the Govt. of Kerala during the year 2002 under the chairman ship of Dr. V.L Chopra, member, Planning commission and former Director General, ICAR.

The Project is managed and monitored by a group of experts (committee for coordination and monitoring) under the chairmanship of Director of Agriculture, Govt. of Kerala.

Adv. V.S. Sunil Kumar
Hon. Minister for Agriculture

Sri. Devendra Kumar Singh IAS
Agricultural Production Commissioner

Dr. Ratan U Kelkar IAS
Special Secretary and Director of Agriculture (I/C)

Prof. Saji Gopinath
Director - IIITM-K

Prof. R. Ajith Kumar.
Chief Project Coordinator - IIITM-K

The Committee for Coordination and Monitoring the activities of KISSAN, constituted by Govt. of Kerala Government of Kerala (as per wide GO. (MS) No.117/2003/ AD Dated 10-06-2003

  • Prof. Saji Gopinath- Director - IIITM-K - Member
  • Agri - Chief - Kerala State Planning Board - Member
  • Director of Extension - Kerala Agricultural University - Member

  Project Execution Team at IIITM-K

The project is implemented by a group of young and dynamic team who have got expertise in the field of project management, software engineering, web services, network management, agriculture and media journalism.

(A) Core Technology & Project Management

(B) Agricultural/Technical Officers (from Dept. of Agriculture)

  • Smt. Bindu Vivekadevi , Assistant Director of Agriculture
  • Sri. Suraj S, Assistant Director of Agriculture
  • Smt. Rejatha V, Assistant Director of Agriculture

(C) Project Engineers and Associates

  • Mr. Sridas S.
  • Mr. AnoopRaj R.V
  • Ms. Priya V
  • Ms. Gayathri V
  • Ms. Indukala G. S.
  • Mr. Sunil Nair
  • Mr. Arun G

(D) Media Support Team

  • Mr. Savanth MP - Video/Audio Editor
  • Mr. Ajith Monippally - Videographer




KISSAN Kerala Operations Centre, IIITM-K, NILA, Techno park Campus, Thiruvananthapuram

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