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Fertillizer Recommendation System

What is Online Fertilizer Recommendation System

The “Fertiliser Recommendation System”, is a web-based information system, which provides recommendation on fertilizers, based on the soil test reports provided by various soil testing laboratories across the state. The system is developed as part of the KISSAN Kerala project and is available at free of cost to the farming community.

What is the aim of this system 

This online Fertilizer recommendation System aims at meeting the nutrient requirements of different crops. It gives such accurate recommendations to farmers that will help them in integrated management of their farm. Such recommendations are based on the farmer’s preference of crop. Farmers are also given an option whereby they can choose the mixed fertiliser that they wish to use.By providing timely and accurate recommendations, the system helps farmers to obtain high yields and maximum returns from the money invested on fertilizers. The system advises them regarding the optimum quantity and frequency of application of fertilisers. Moreover it helps the extension personnel in giving need-based recommendations to farmers, based on different types of crop combinations that the farmers prefer on the same land.

How the system works

The necessary information on farmers and the details of soil analysis will be directly updated to a centralized database from the respective district soil testing laboratories and a unique farmer ID will be supplied to individual farmers to view/access their report.  Using the unique ID supplied by the soil-testing laboratory, the farmers can take fertilizer recommendation for their preferred crops.

What are the contents included in this recommendation report

The recommendation report will contain the details on the soil amendments to be made, organic manures to be used and also the quantity as well as frequency of use of chemical fertilizers for each crops.

How can I get my soil sample tested

 For testing your soil sample, you are requested to contact your nearest Krishi Bhavan and seek the advice of the Agricultural Officer for further help. The soil samples will be sent to the concerned soil testing laboratory for testing and the result will be made available to you. Once your soil sample is tested and analyzed, the details will be updated online to the system directly from the respective soil-testing laboratories. 

How  can I See my test results

Once your details are updated to the Kissan-Kerala Portal ( , the system will generate a unique ID, which will be intimated to you from the laboratory.  By using this ID, you can retrieve the results and generate online fertilizer recommendation for your crop. 

How many reports I can generate

There is no limit for generating reports for various crops. You can generate reports for various crops based on your interest.

Can I take a print out of this report

Yes. You can generate print out of your reports for future use.

How can I see my previous reports

The system will maintain all the previous reports generated by a user. You can see all the previous  reports.

Ho do I get my unique ID

The unique ID for each farmer is generated by the system at the time of updating the soil test results by concerned soil testing laboratory. This ID will be supplied to you from the respective soil testing laboratory / Krishi Bhavans as and when it is generated. You are requested to contact your nearest Krishi Bhavans  or soil testing laboratory for the same.


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