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Note: The farmer ID is an Unique Identification number, generated by the software at the time of entering your soil sample analysis results, by the concerned soil testing laboratory. All the district soil-testing laboratories in the state are connected via broadband Internet to update soil-testing results to the Kissan Kerala server on time to time.Using this network, the soil sample analysis results are entered directly by the concerned officers from each district soil testing laboratories.Once the soil sample results are updated to the system, the unique farmer ID's will be supplied to the individual farmers to access the recommmendations.

The farmers are requested to contact your nearest Krishi Bhavan or District Soil Testing Laboratory to collect your unique farmer ID. Once, you have your unique farmer ID, you can use this service and generate fertiliser recommendations for your preferred crops.

The reports can be generated in english or malayalam.The malayalam reports are being generated using the malayalam unicode font.However, some machines will not display the malayalam text properly.Plese download this malayalam unicode font and install it in your font directory.

If you have any technical problem in accessing the reports, please contact

Number of Recommendations Generated : 35810

(As on 2022-10-06)


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