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1 01.02.2009 SAMUEL MATHEW Dear Sir, My name is Samuel Mathew and I am presently Staying in Mumbai, I usually watch Kisankrishideepam on Asianet which is shown on Friday. I am greatly thankful to your Programme for having a Interview with Reji from Trivandrum featuring Budgerigars. since after the show I have contacted him many a times for Advice and Treatment, and every time I have contacted him, he has guided me well and today I have Six Pairs of Normal Budgerigars and with in a span of three weeks my One of my own pair of Budgerigar is Preparing their own Nest. I would like KisanKerala to have a full 30 Minutes of Interview with Reji, where he can Explain Different Types of Budgerigars, Preparing SoftFood, Sizes Recommended for Preparing the Breeding Cages, Nest Boxes, Food Supplement and Everything Related to Normal and Show Budgerigars. Its my humble request to KisanKerala to make more Public Awareness about Cage Bird Society to the Masses and to make more Projects on Cockatiel, Cockatoos, Rosella, Macaw and African Greys etc. I really benefited from this Programme and once again Thankful to KisanKerala and Mr. Reji from Trivandrum +91 9447430793. Regards, SAMUEL MATHEW MUMBAI View
2 01.03.2013 Ajith it too good programe to encourage people to love the nature and also the agricalture , i wish all the best, View
3 01.07.2009 Rajesh Haripad Dear Sir, I am a regular viewer of Krishideepam. This programme is very much mind relaxive and highly informative . Please add new episode videos in the websites. Regards rajesh View
4 01.08.2009 sony thomas sir, Kissan kerala programm in Asianet is so nice to watch.It would be highly appreciated if you can extend the program to few more days in a week.At least three days a week.Once a week is very low in a traditional agricultural dependent country like ours. Any way , good job .keep it up......hope to see more. sony thomas waterford ireland. View
5 01.08.2009 Sreeju Nair Namaskaram, Kissan Krishideepam Valare nalla oru programmane, ente Hridayam niranja Abhinandanangal. Thanks and Regards Sreeju Nair View
6 01.08.2009 Sajimon Madathil Dear Sir/Madam, I am ardent supporter of kissan krishideepam and have never missed an opportunity to watch it on Asianet every week. I have settled in the United Kingdom with my family for several years, however, I nurture the dream of returning to live in my mother land Kerala and take up agriculture as I am passionate about it. I come from a traditional agricultural family. I would like to make a compilation of all the episodes of kissan krishideepam on dvd. Is there any chance I would be able to procure these? Please help! Looking forward to hearing from you soon, Sincerely, Sajimon Madathil Leeds, England. View
7 01.09.2009 Dr. P.O. Jacob Dear Kissan Kerala Team, I am an NRI residing in USA for many several decades. Krishi deepam is the only program I watch regularly, I am very fascinated by this program and looking forward to every Friday to watch a new episode. My heartfelt congratulations to each and every member of the Kissan Kerala team. The team deserves great appreciation for creating awareness and promoting new and innovative approaches to farming. Best regards, Dr. P.O. Jacob USA View
8 02.01.2009 R Balaji Dear Sir/Madam I am a NRI living in Oman and hailing from chennai. First of all,I would like to thank Asianet for giving very useful programmes for the residents and NRIs and you for the effective programmes to bring up the villages and low income society. i used to watch the weekly kissan krishideepam whenever time permits and that way,i saw the +2 student maintaining a high-fi dairy farm in a profitable and challenging way. I was impressed very much and wish to setup such a farm back home and would like to settle down in india. Kindly let me know the contact numbers and location of that farm belongs to Danish Majeed and similar farms for my study and information. thanks and wish you the success in all your programmes View
9 02.03.2009 Sajimon To Krishideepam It is our pleasure to inform you that your krishideepam presentation is very very nice & excellent. I am a keralien family staying in Gujarat last 15 Years. Every week myself & my family watching your segment. It is giving an immense pleasure to our heart while watching the this cultivation. I am basically from a farmer family my dady and myself was a hard worker in our farm. We had a large place for cultivation for tapioka, kaachil, chena & cow farm also when i was in kerala my arrival in gujarat my daddy was doing all that now he is very old taking rest in home when remembering our past about such cultivation and all you tears will fill in eyes....such wonderful times that...... "My arrival in gujarat was a totaly unexpected here i got a good job & going life in gujrat soil............however ....will be back to mother soil.....& will continue is my....desire....... We will all success to you and krishideepam We expect more and more through this segments...... Sajimon View
10 02.11.2011 Preethi I had watched the last portion of the episode that was telecast on 21st October 2011 which featured a lady and her beautiful garden, in Trichur. Could you please mail her contact details as I could not write it down while it was shown at the end of the program. My congratulations to her for this wonderful initiative and I also wish to thank your channel for bringing such initiatives to the forefront. View
11 03.01.2011 K P Rajan Sir, I had no words to express my overwhelming feelings watching Francis Greenland Farmland of Nelliampati in Palakkad district. In fact, every week the Kissan Krishideepam programme takes me to Kerala for a wonderful sightseeing, without spending a dime. I love the programme immensely and WISHING YR TEAM A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR and hope to watching such memorable programmes in the New Year too. Regards KP Rajan View
12 03.05.2011 Najeeb Vayal We are proud of an American Malayalees investment for his village where he was born. Joychans Jyes farms coverage was really nice and was one of the attractive coverages that kissan Krishi deepam had done. congratulations. Thank you very much! Najeeb Vayal View
13 03.05.2011 Raju Joseph Dear Sir I am a US resident hailing from Neendoor but never thought my Neendoor is so beautiful that can attract tourists, where joy Chemmachel is the cause. Your narration and camera work into details is superb and I really enjoyed it. I am proud of Mr Joychemmachel for his enormous work, for the village Neendoor. Raju Joseph (Dollar Raju) Film director New york View
14 03.05.2011 Anil Hi, I am Anil from Singapore. I appreciate all your affords to bring krishi to the public and help us realizing the importance and possibility of doing it and achieving food security for Kerala. I enjoy watching Krishideepam regularly. But I missed it which the episode telecasted on 30 April. Is it possible to to send me a link or video by e-mail? With Regards Anil View
15 03.05.2011 Pius Zacharias Dear Sirs, The program was very interesting and informative. I am so happy to know that there are people who still encourage krishi (agriculture). Joy is a great person and his message for the use of organic fertilizers should open the eyes of our politicians. The camera work was very good! Can we have this telecast again? Congratulations and thank you. Pius Zacharias View
16 03.05.2011 Sherin Dev Team, I have seen the Jayes Farm program in Krishideepam today and it was wonderful. Congratulations to those who have worked behind this program, they have really done a marvelous job. Telecasting such program not only motivate farmers, but also passes solid message to the young generation to know more and attract to farming and get the success... Excellent! Thanks a lot.... Sherin Dev Bangalore... View
17 04.01.2009 R.Balaji Dear Sir Thanks for the details.Even today dt.3rd Jan 09 I have seen programme of Mr.Mohanan from (Ex)sultante of Oman. Really this is impressive,guiding and educative one Very good programmes--All the best wishes in 2009--keep it up R.Balaji View
18 04.01.2009 MUBEENA SHAMEEM sir,i was a regular viewer of kissan videos.unfortunately i cannot view it nowadays.Now im staying in dubai and im really interested in agriculture also.By watching this videos we have a feeling as if we are in kerala. moreover it is very informative also. we would be very thankful if you can telecast the videos in internet again View
19 04.03.2007 Sanjai R good evening sir.i am sanjai.i am second year microbiology student ,i am a reguler viewer of ur is very useful to all farmers and also to my father .i am belonged to kerala but studing in coimbatore i want to know one thing after finishing my degree can i get a job in your concern .i will be tuned for ur answer. THANKYOU View
20 04.03.2010 Arun Sivasankaran Dear Kissan Kerala krishideepam, I am a regular viewer of Kissan Krishi Deepam, and really appreciate your efforts in bringing to life such beautiful efforts of individuals, their interest in farming, leaving professional jobs and involving in farming activities. I too is a firm believer of the fact that soil can give you enough if you are ready to put your efforts sincerely. I am attaching some snaps of Our Courier Staff, Mr. N.K. Hariharan, who has bought out the farmer in his mind, during the free time in our warhouse premises and cultivated lots of Pumpkins ( White & Yellow), Bitter Gourd, Drumsticks, Beans, tapoica, green chillies, Curry leaves etc. Our team here consisting of 15 drivers, also manages a small poultry farm including various Hen, Cocks, DUCKS, sparrows etc. I am enclosing some snaps of Mr. Hari with this letter. Mr. Hariharan has attained retirement from our company, and hence i wish to telecast this as a tribute for his services and interests. Your Programme hostess Usha is very brilliant at keep this up... Arun Sivasankaran View
21 04.08.2008 saju j mundadan Sir, There is only one program that I can?t miss out! It?s Kisan Krishi Deepam(KKD)on all Saturdays morning! Thank God, you have now changed the timing to 8 am, which was one of my long desire. In the past, it was at 9 am or so and whenever I see this program, I will reach office late and loose pay for late marks. To overcome this, I started to reach on time all days of the month except the last 2 Saturdays only to watch Kisan Krishi Deepam. Now since you have changed the timing to 8 am, I can see Kisan Krishi Deepam on all Saturdays. Thank you once again. Suggestions: ? If possible, kindly make it 1 hour program and ? Make Kisan Krishi Deepam more detailed and explanatory, incorporating all stages of the subject/crop, like animal planet/discover/national geographic channels, so that farming people in Kerala and we outside keralites, get a complete, authentic information on all aspects of the subject, derive more encouragement and viewing KKD a more pleaseant one than before. With kind regards, Saju J Mundadan 4/1, Sisir Bagan Road Kolkata ? 700 034 Email: View
22 05.03.2012 philip jose pls upload each epizode in time we are eagrly waiting .... thank you View
23 05.04.2010 Sreenath Wow...such a superb programme which makes me so nostalgic. I am in Muscat and i became a hardcore farmer (by heart)through your programme. View
24 05.05.2007 DAVID MICHAEL MANUEL I am a regular viewer of your programme in Asianet and I find the same very much interesting and informative. I own a land of 35 Cents and I would like to make use of the same by doing some agricultural activities. I have seen in your programmes a group of people gather and do various agricultural activities. Is there any such group who can cultivate any agriculture in my land for the mutual benefit of the grup members as well as for myself. Your valuable advice in this connection will be highly appreciated. Regards, David. View
25 05.07.2009 Shijas Hi, I have seen the episode of Kissan Krishi Deepam in Asianet on 4th July 09 at 9:00 am, US EST time. It was about Gouri Muthashi. It was a wonderful episode. Thanks for bringing these kind of things in front of expatriates. Please telecast more like this. I think agriculture in Kerala needs more attention nowadays. Thanks again for a good episode. Regards, Shijas View
26 05.08.2008 Abdul Jalil Moidu thanks for making the video online , really feel you peolpe has made a remarkable achievement in this regards , i heartly congats! to all of you. hope can do more nd more efforts jaleel dubai View
27 05.08.2008 zubair aryatil thank you for your mail about agricultural programmes, It very use ful for all farmers. Iam very glad to get as this best programmes Thank you View
28 05.08.2008 James John Dear Sir, I just go through the site youtube-kissankerala port, and its looks great and very informative. Even it is a short period, it gives an idea to develop our imaginations. Thanks for the efforts you made to put this on web and hope to see more informative videos in this portal. Best regards. James John from Saudi Arabia. View
29 06.09.2007 Anand Babu S V Dear Sir, I am writing to you to convey my wishes and greetings to you and your team for producing and airing this program on Asia net. Every Friday at 8pm local time I make sure to watch this program. While seeing this program my mind gets soothed and a sense of satisfaction fills in. Being thousands of miles away from my home at Pongumood, Trivandrum, this program is a real solace to me. I am an engineer, but inside me there is a farmer and I am learning lot of things from your program. When I return for good to my home I have a desire and plan to venture into cultivation and marketing of agricultural products. Please keep bringing out successful and daring ventures of the farmers of Kerala. Your program is very enriching and deserves commend. Best wishes. Thank you, Sincerely Anand Babu S V View
30 06.10.2007 SREEHARI hai, I am a regular viewer of Kissan Krishideepam. Very very Good programme. I watch all such programmes in all channels i.e Harita Bharatam(Amrita), Harita Keralam(Jeevan),BhoomiGeetham(Kairali),KrishiDarshan(DD)... Congratulations,,, on your 200th episode.. all the very best your programme View
31 06.10.2008 Jancy mohan sir, i am a house wife ,regularly watching kissan krishi deepam on asianet (3.10.08) it is a very help full programme. thank you jancybiju View
32 06.10.2008 vidyanand Dear Sir, I am an NRI residing in Oman. Last friday I happened to watch your progrmme on Asianet. I was very impressed by the efforts taken by you and your team to creat interest in the viewers and get back to agriculture. It may be a single step by it is certainly a good beginnig for a journey of thousand miles. Keep it up. I wish this kind of programmes will help people to build a new kerala and make Kearla GODS OWN COUNTRY IN TRUE SPIRIT. Vidyanand View
33 07.01.2007 P.S.Cherian Hello everyone at Kissan Krishideepam, Just finished watching your first episode of 2007. It was very interesting to look back at 2006 and the various achievements/issues/innovations etc in the farming field. I look forward to watching your program every week and I would like to commend and appreciate the efforts you take in bringing out these very informative episodes. Your programs are not only helpful to farmers and others but also gives people like me a chance to know about the field and we thoroughly enjoy it. (I presently live in USA). I wish all of you a very Happy New Year. Regards P.S.Cherian View
34 07.02.2009 Eldho Mazhuvannoor hai , i have been watched ur karshakaparipadi, really it is appreciable, now i am staying at singapore, here we cannot apply the terrus plantation, but i like it, our vegetables are all bring from malasia.any way this episode was really enchanting. Eldho. Mazhuvannoor singapore View
35 07.05.2012 santhosh GS can we see the latest episodes 27-04-2012,04-05-12 etc through direct or through youtube?.Also please give the name as episode number or dalam 428,429 etc etc(I gone to your streaming video windows and unfortunately all of them are very old episode.I want to see the dalam 429 where Mr.narendranath explained about the "jaiva keedanashini") Please let me know that some farmers are telling that they are using only jaiva valam/keedanashini,what is its realibilty.Are you doing any study before taking each episodes.prolem is that we are blindly believing krishideepam programme and buying vegetables from these farmers at high cost.So please confirm that also. View
36 07.06.2012 Melroy Ferreira Dear Sirs, I like your programs very much. I think people in the rural areas should get a chance to see them. You should provide a facility to download your programs from your website just like the GARDENING AUSTRALIA SITE.I can then send them on pendrive and tablet pc to show them to villagers who dont have cable or net connection.Please provide me a link or a way to download your programs. Thanks, Kind Regards, Melroy. View
37 08.02.2009 AJITH KUMAR.J I am working in Duabi.Every Friday local time 4pm I am watching the kissan krishi deepam programm.It is very interesting,this weeks building terrace agriculture done at some houses shown is really very good.This programme gives inspiration to people to think how we can also do that.. I am wishing a good success to the programme team. Thanking you View
38 08.06.2009 Abraham N U Sir, I am a malayalee living at Bokaro, Jharkhand. I often watch your program at Asianet. My wife and I do appreciate your very informative programmes. Thanking you, Abraham N U Sector 4/A-2003 Bokaro Steel City View
39 08.06.2009 Vasudevan Tharuvakode Dear Sir, Kissan krishideepam program in Asianet is very encouraging, inspiring people and also providing knowledge about agriculture.Today I happen to see the krishideepam programme in asianet about virgin coconut oil and other bi products like chutney powder and ari unda. (Because of weak signal on television relay I could not grasp the complete content.) I want to know how can I get the detail about the old episode. Thanking you the team of krishideepam and waiting to hear from you eagerly. Yours truly, Vasudevan View
40 08.06.2009 Anoop nair Hello......... I am Anoop nair , an engg. student from Gujarat. Every week i watch this program KISSAN KRISHIDEEPAM. its a nice program. but the problem is that the time is too short,so request you that please extend this program for 1 hour. Thanks Anoop View
41 08.06.2009 Vajid Kissan kerala enna asianetinte programme valare nalla oru programme anu mrigangale yum mattu jeevajalangalum sassyangaleyum kurich oru padu vivaram ithil ninnum janangalkkum prathyekichum vidyarthikalkum labhikkunnundu thank you everybody by vajid malappuram View
42 08.08.2011 Leela Simon Dear Madam/Sir, My name is Leela Simon and I am sending this mail from Bhutan. My husband is working as a Teacher in the Ministry of Bhutan. We watch Krishideepam in the Asianet regularly on Saturday. Even my daughter, who is just 5 yrs, is also very much interested to see the same. We really appreciate the program n it is such an informative so that people like us get the necessary information and also the young generation come to know the importance of agriculture. All the very best Krishideepam!!! Thanking you, Leela Simon View
43 08.08.2011 Vishnu.H Hi Iam am Vishnu from Trivandrum im working in a five star delux hotel. last day i have seen your program in the youtube .very nice and good program especially the episode on dogs . As i have a dog one Labordor . If it is possible i need the contact nos or address of Satheesh and Sasikala . i think they have great breeds of dogs if you can send me the details it will be more thankfull and useful. Regards Vishnu.H View
44 09.11.2006 Shaji M Sir, Can you kindly show some episode on Rubber tree cultivation, tapping and processing Thanks Shaji View
45 10.01.2007 M.Johnson Dear Sir, I would like to know if the Krishi Deepam programme broadcast over Asianet channel is available as a set of CD or preferably DVDs for purchase. If so please inform me about the rates of purchase. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, M.Johnson View
46 10.02.2009 Radhakrishnan I happened to see your pgm on Asianet News Channel today...that has lead me to search further in You Tube. Your efforts are marvellous. I am also planning for terrace gardening.... Thank you Radhakrishnan View
47 10.03.2011 Jimmy John I enjoy watching episodes of Krishideepam,( in fact that is the only Program I watch on Asianet/ TV) Congratulations to the entire team who is behind this great work of Photography, Script,and above all detailed description of each project passed on to the viewers.. like me. Sitting here in USA I dream of using my 4 acres of land for various pruposes.. but with current Kerala culture, I cannot do anything.. Keep up the good work !! Thank you View
48 10.05.2007 TITTU KISSAN it is good,no, the best... that is what i think. please keep doing it. View
49 10.07.2010 K. Koshy Sir, I live near Delhi and we have a small farm nearby and enjoy farming. Today, we happened to watch the Krishideepam programme on Asianet. I must congratulate you and the entire team for producing one of the finest informative documentary I have ever seen. Having worked with Government for 36 years I know how difficult it is to be innovative and viewer friendly in Government. Without doubt, your programme is one of the best agricultural programme on TV. In fact, I find it better than the more popular Krishidarshan on DD. The quality of cinematography, script and content of the programme of today regarding fish farmer Suraj cannot be rivaled by any channel. I have also briefly gone though your web site. I find that too outstanding. Your efforts to include streaming video and to harness youtube are commendable. Being a Malayalee, I am proud of your achievement. Keep up the good work. K.Koshy View
50 10.11.2007 Mathews Jacob Dear Coordinator, Your show was great and is good for inspiring the agriculture farmers for self sufficient. I am from pathanamthitta district and would like to know information regarding the subsidy for starting the dairy farm mentioned in your program today, where can i contact for more inforamtaion and how is the process done Best Regards Mathews Jacob Cell (011-91) 944 988 0616 Phone:(011-91-80) 2534 7149 View
51 10.12.2006 Jayvardhan Upadhyay Please provide us interections between Farmers & Their Experiances View
52 10.12.2008 K Suresh Kuumar First of all many congratulations to the Kisan Kerla and Krishideepam team. I often watch this programme and it realy impressed me, the programme content, the structure etc. But what made me feel proud being a Malayali and plesently surprised was when I learned that(when discussing about having an agri information system in the State I hapened to mension of this programme)some progressive farmes from Jharkhand are watching the programme though they can not understand a word of what is told, but make out from the visuals, hats of to the team make this happen. what better recognition for the visual media than that. Suresh kumar View
53 11.02.2008 Jayaraj Hi, I am Jayaraj from Bangalore. I am a regular viewer of your program. I am staying near hesaraghatta. your program is worth watching. i dont miss any of the episodes. I have learned lot of facts from doctor.. Program presentation is quite appreciable, mainly because the anchors use only malayalam. hope you will continue 2 give more interesting facts. wishing you all success,, Regards, Jayaraj. View
54 11.07.2007 T P MADHUKUMAR I am a regular viewer of the "KISSAN KRISHI DEEPAM" Programme as telecast by Asianet Channel. I find the programme to be very interesting, rich in content,informative and highly useful for the farmers and the laymen alike. The format and presentation are also very pleasing to the viewers. The introductory visuals and the title music do reflect the rich agricultural tradition and variety of Kerala. My felicitations for the entire team behind this innovative and educative venture. _ T P MADHUKUMAR. (11/07/2007) View
56 11.11.2010 Sanjay Please include more episodes about fish farming. View
57 12.02.2009 manoj.m Hai, Being a regular viewer I congrats all you who behind kissan krishideepam. All saturday mornings special for me, wife and my son (Nandu 8 years) only because of krishideepam. Eventhough We have no enough place for agriculture here, but we dont miss the programme because the programme is taking we to my native, kollam. My son normally wake up by 9.30 on sunday & holidays, but he will be ready in front of tv on saturdays to watch krishideepam. What to say encouraged by the programme we are planning to start something in our terrace and place available with us. All the best wishes for krishideepam and all farmers who are in the path to make haritha keralam. Congrats to all team behind the programme. Manoj, Lekha & Nandu Kottara(Kollam) Transplanted to Kutch, Gujarat View
58 12.04.2009 Muhammed Ali.K.P. To Whom It May Concern: I am located in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), recently I saw one program related to Cheru Then in Kissan Kerala program through Asianet TV. The program of Kissan Kerala is always helpful us to know something about farming, but unfortunately the time is the big problem to see this program, congratulations and best wishes for your program. Best regards, Muhammed Ali. K.P. P.O.Box 72911 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates View
59 12.07.2012 jeeraj Request you to telecast it once in every Thursday or Friday(Just like before). Because of office timings, we are missing it View
60 13.03.2007 V.N. Kutty Dear Sir, I have got a chance to watch your Saturday edition of "Krishideepam" telecasted in Asianet - w.r.t to dedication of a retired army officer, which was quite impressive, any complements will not be sufficient for his efforts and passion towards agricultural / farming innovations. I would like to thank both Kissan Kerala and Asianet for telecasting such informative programmes which not only educate our unemployed youths and to some extend will help the society for finding self employment. I would feel obliged, if you could forward his contact details so that - he can be accessed directly in case of any assistance. This is because, I am also ardent lover of farming and belong to a small village in Trichur Dist - at some point of time in life, I would also love to comedown and settle the place where I belongs - From you programme, I sure any body with passion can do miracle in this field. View
61 13.04.2010 syma we have missed episode no 325. A documentary on the terrace vegetable garden. Date of Telecast-2010-04-02 from were can we get the video of that episode ..... kindly guide us.. regards, syma. View
62 13.07.2010 KP Rajan Sir, I am an avid viewer of Kissan Krishideepam programme telecast every Friday. Though I do not find enough words to express my feelings while watching the programme, “Amazing”, “Mind-boggling” ‘Awe-inspiring” were my silent expressions. Wonderful narrations and the background music help add spices to the half-an-hour programme. Although I left Kerala 48 years ago, this is the one programme that generate nostalgic feelings of my home state, Kerala – its natural bounties, enviable flora and fauna, rivers and backwaters, tea estates, paddy fields and so on. When I miss a programme, I feel I have missed something important in that week. Kudos to the people – youngsters, senior citizens, Gulf returnees, ex-servicemen, housewives – who make an indelible impact on the viewers through the Krishideepam. I wish the flames of the ‘deepam’ went on forever and ever. The latest one on Suraj, the well-known ornamental fish breeder of Palakkad, telecast on July 9, was awesome. His profound dedication, his vast knowledge of fish, are praiseworthy. KP Rajan Mumbai 400 092 View
63 13.07.2010 Mohamed Sahad sir, i am mohamed sahad from panakkad(malappuram) i am the full time viewer of kissan krishi deepam program very interesting program and all best for your program View
65 13.10.2009 Sreejith PR Hi, Let me introduce myself, sreejith working in the field of Power electronics,Bangalore. This program is very nice, really getting inspiration and confidence to get in to the field of agriculture. Todays program which is from the "open prison" is really great. Also, the knowledge about this kind of prison is new for me. We all have to try maximum to get all support to this kind of good "group effort" Wishing all success to this program View
66 13.10.2009 ABUNA JOYCE Dear Sir/Madam, I am regular viewer of "Kissan Krishi Deepam" program of Asianet. Yesterdays (09.10.2009) documentary of Mr.Bhavadass project really touched me. Presently I am working in Dubai & due to quench my nostalgic feelings I used to watch this program. The last word of this Episode was really marvelous of Bhavadass documentary; let me quote that words “ Mundakan krishikku thayyaraya padathinte minusamulla kavilil, karimpanakal mukham nokkukayayirunnu……” Congrats for all your team. Thanks & Best Regards ABUNA JOYCE OFFICE/ACCOUNTS COORDINATOR PO BOX 3945, DUBAI, UAE. View
67 13.10.2009 Perikilathu Joseph Hello, I inspired with your show and would like to make a rabbit farm. I am from Kanuur (Alakode). Would you please provide me the telephone numbers and e-mail ID of Mr. Migdad, Ashyana Rabbit Farm, Malappuram for contacting him for more knowledge on this field. Regards, Perikilathu Joseph View
68 13.10.2009 MIGDAD Dear Ajith, It was great movement watching our farm been shown on your channel. It was a well scripted, a well cinematographed, all in all a well assembled episode. We wished watching this many more time, this is not just our wish but this was from the 5000 plus calls and many more sms that we received during these 2 to 4 days of time. We thank you for this splendid work. We also appreciate you for the work that your team is doing for promoting the Agricultural sector. The nation needs people [team] like you who still believe in the growth from the village. Thanking your team once again. MIGDAD ASHIYANA RABBIT FARM MALAPPURAM View
69 13.10.2009 Sajimon Madathil Dear Sir/Madam, I am ardent supporter of kissan krishideepam and have never missed an opportunity to watch it on Asianet every week. I have settled in the United Kingdom with my family for several years, however, I nurture the dream of returning to live in my mother land Kerala and take up agriculture as I am passionate about it. I come from a traditional agricultural family. I would like to make a compilation of all the episodes of kissan krishideepam on dvd. Is there any chance I would be able to procure these? Please help! Looking forward to hearing from you soon, Sincerely, Sajimon Madathil Leeds, England. View
70 13.10.2009 Sony Thomas sir, Kissan kerala programm in Asianet is so nice to watch.It would be highly appreciated if you can extend the program to few more days in a week.At least three days a week.Once a week is very low in a traditional agricultural dependent country like ours. Any way , good job .keep it up......hope to see more. sony thomas waterford Ireland. View
71 13.10.2009 Anu Tojan Hi, I was watching the kissan krishideepam program. The kissan krishideepam program is very good. I love Kerala. I am working in Bangalore. But i love to come back to Kerala. My feeling towards Kerala is that its a place of goodness and prosperity. Best Regards Anu Tojan Software Engineer, IELTS Trainer Bangalore-68 View
72 13.10.2009 Ganesh Muthukumar Respected Sir, I am regular viewer of your program.I am happy with your efforts of nurturing the ancient art of agriculture with the new technology.The programme is duly essential for the younger generation to know that what pain and hardship our dear farmers take to feed the world. View
73 13.10.2009 Gopakumar Mallelil Sir, I happened to see the programme introducing one sathish ,ayilyam, tvpm, showing his pets and plants. i really appreciate your efforts to to get persons like him. I also would like to congratulate the team that took pains to make the programme a grand one. Gopakumar Mallelil Principal P.S.V.P.M.H.S.S Ayravon, Konni ,Pathanamthitta View
74 13.10.2009 Priya Santosh Hello there, I am Mrs.Priya Santosh from Bombay, we watch your programme every saturday and are very greatful and thankful to you for telecasting such a fantastic programme.It shows the real beauty of Kerala through the hardwork of the farmers of Kerala. Thanks & Rgds, Priya Santosh View
75 13.10.2009 Vasudevan Dear Sir, Kissan krishideepam program in Asianet is very encouraging, inspiring people and also providing knowledge about agriculture. Yours truly, Vasudevan View
76 13.10.2009 Sarin Dear Kissan Kerala, Iam Sarin from Qatar , native of thrissur, chittilappilly. good programme, thanks to Asianet for telecasting. Sarin Qatar. View
78 13.10.2009 Pratheesh.J Dear Kissan Kerala Team, I am a regular viewer of Kissan Krishi deepam and I find this this program is doing a great job in attracting people towards agriculture. I have few more suggestions which may help people, who have bare land and is ready to cultivate. State Govt and Central Govt has many schemes and programs for promoting agriculture. For eg: I think that Agriculture Department has a program for the promoting Coconut farmers. Department was giving money for cutting down bad coconut trees and to plant new ones. Including information about such kind of programs will be useful for people like us. Once again I appreciate the effort you people are taking to improve the farming sense of people in Kerala. Thanks and Regards Pratheesh.J View
79 13.10.2009 Yoyakki Dear Krishideepam Program Managers, You are doing a great job!!! Really fantastic!!! Your Program is very Informative and it boost ones interest towards Farming and Agriculture.Most People are thinking Agriculture is second grade job, But on seeing your Programs on success stories of Farmers, we really appreciate them for their success and would like to be one of them. All the Best.and Special regards to Respected Agriculture Minister and the Anchor. View
80 13.10.2009 Abhilash All the members in our family watch Krishideepam. It would be of great appreciation if you could include some tips from experienced farmers as a special segment. Thank you for the excellent work... View
81 14.02.2009 siddiq the kisan krishideepam program is very good and interesting program View
82 14.02.2009 Sreejith P.R Hi, Let me introduce myself, sreejith working in the field of Power electronics,Bangalore. This program is very nice, really getting inspiration and confident to get in to the field of agriculture. Todays program which is from the open prison is really great. Also, the knowledge about this kind of prison is new for me. We all have to try maximum to get all support to this kind of good group effort. Wishing all success to this program View
83 14.02.2009 sunil karthikeyan Dear Project Coordinator We have great interest and enthusiasm when we watch each and every episode.This project brings us more closer to Mother Earth and its various gifts.I request you to continue with this project and would appreciate your help and guidance when I too will take up such a project in Kerala Kind Regards K.Sunil Mob No :00971507397189 View
84 14.03.2007 Madhavan 05.3.2007 Dear Sir, I happened to see your programe on Biogas using cowdung and wastes, through Asianet channel recently. I am really impressed. I appreciate your efforts. That is why this is written. Your programme clearly indicated that dairying can be made a profitable job for the farmers. Only much publicity or approach from your side to the farmers, instead of farmers coming to your office, is essential. Public meeting in villages by your department will help farmers to know the support, your department gives and farmers can avail the facilities for their improving their standard of life. Bank people can be invited in the meeting so that loan facilities can be brought to the notice of the farmers. Farmers may not be aware of the facilities, your department and banks give for their welfare. You may use the additional help of Sef Help Groups, NGO so that your task becomes easier. I learnt that bio gas can be used for cooking thereby saving cost on LPG; same way electricity can be saved by use of biogas. These two, will definitely the eliminate the expenditure of farmers in villages. If pumps in farm field can be run on bio gas, it will be still better for pumping water to the field. This will result in better production of crop. Your effort will surely result in more milk production by farmers adopting dairying thereby not only shortage of milk and milk products supply is reduced but also make India No.1 all the time and increased milk production will help India to earn more by export as there is demand for dairy products in foreign countries. You may look to the news on ban of export of skimmed milk powder by govt. due to shortage. You will be knowing in metro cities, people depend on all products. Many wastes including plastic bags are there in cities. Metros are finding difficult to dispose off. These wastes not only pollute the air but also is a source of illness. If these wastes can be converted into biogas, by supplying to the farmers or bio-gas production in smaller area (may be a small tank can be developed if possible) in houses/many flats in a block, in metros; this will be boon to the metro people. Benefits mentioned in second para will reduce electricity, especially in summer to the people in metros, in addition elimination of wastes and keeping area clean. I happen to learn that even feather, waste of meat, coconut water, etc can be used to generate bio-gas. I request you the programme you have shown may be communicated to all milk unions and Federations in each state for further spreading so that milk production will be at faster rate. This is my view. In case you feel my thoughts are found logical & acceptable and implemented by you, I am satisfied. No doubt, an acknowledgement will double my satisfaction on account of my doing something to the nation through your department. Regards Madhavan email: View
85 14.04.2012 Basheer Poongattayil Asianet Midleast il Krishideepam telecast cheyyunnundo? Time schedule ariyikkuka............please Rgds.Basheer View
87 14.08.2008 M Johnson Antony Dear Sir, You are doing an excellent service for not only our State of Kerala but also for the Children of tomorrow and their grandchildren as if only we have Agriculture will we be able to feed ourselves. Youtube is an excellent place to put up such information as anybody can watch and learn from it. I think KrishiDeepan is the only Programme that focuses on Agriculture in such an entertaining & enlighting way. One Suggestion: Kindly try to incorporate Subtitles in English & Hindi (or dub it in English & Hindi) so as to enable the whole of India to access it. Even People in our neighbouring countries could access it if it is in Hindi like - Countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, And if in English countries like SriLanka, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc Thanking You , Regards M Johnson Antony View
88 14.10.2007 anil kumar Hai iam Anil viewing your programme in assianet tv. Very good. View
89 14.12.2011 MANOJ.P Dear krishideepam crew, I dont konw from where i have to start,But only one thing i can tell is ,this is the one and only programme which making me happy and reducing my tension for a while.Actual i wont get time watch this programme on TV .So i am downloading from youtube.So i have a request ,try to put all episodes in will be helpful for me and others who dont have time to watch on TV.Aprt from this i would like to see 1 programme regarding veg cultivation in vattavada or any hill station... All the best team go ahead..... warm regards Manoj.p View
90 15.05.2007 Cuckoo Joy Hi All, I am a vivid viewer of the Krishi Deepam program. Just watched your May 12 program on Cocofest and Vegetable self-sufficiency. Your drive for vegetable self-sufficiency is providing the right direction for Kerala. Apart from the economic benefit, it creates much needed jobs. Please ensure that farmers who benefit from your support use organic methods, instead of shortcuts to quick gains using chemicals. This should go hand-in-hand. I am also overwhelmed by some of the enterprising farmers you introduced through your program. Pl keep it up. These people are role models for our society. Thanks, Cuckoo Joy 2101 Alexis Avenue Niskayuna, NY 12309 USA View
91 15.08.2008 Gopinathan Dear Sir, Myname Gopinathan,palakkad.i am a regular wever of KISSAN KERALA Program in Asianet channel.all programs are very good.i would like to requst more of dairy farms documentary in future.i am interested to establish a small dairy farm unit in palakkad(dt).i need some details by mail. Thanking you, gopinathan, MBL:00966564619654 Riyadh-K S A. View
92 15.10.2008 nikhil mohan Krishi deepam is a very good program.It helps farmers and other workers on agricultural field very much.Iam wishing all the associates of this program success. View
93 15.11.2010 Rajagopal Dear sir, I am a regular viewer of KISSAN KRISHI DEEPAM every saturday in Asianet. I was very happy to see the programme. rajagopal from Bangalore View
94 16.01.2007 Anthony Verghese Your programme on Asianet every Friday (8pm Singapore Time) is very inforative and educational. It will be helpful if you consider adding English subtitles. This will assist a Malaylee like me who is not very conversant with the Malayalam language to follow and understand the dialouge. I am sure there are many more Malaylees like me who would agree with my suggestion, Thanking you. Yours faithfully Anthony Verghese Singapore View
95 16.01.2010 PK Sivadasan I would like to see Dalam 315 once more I am planning for a dairy farm in Kerala (Adoor) on return from Gulf. Even if you can mail me the contact number of the person who grow grass and sell will also serve my purpose View
96 16.02.2009 manoj.m Hello This is my second letter. Kissan krishideepam of yesterday (14.03.2009) was very good. It was new and un expected experience. I thing 75% of malayalees never heard about this activities happening in jails. The show was eye-catching and create lovely approach to the prisoners among people. After seeing the programme i feel to make a visit in thuranna jail when I will be in Kerala next time. Congratulations & salute to the crews behind krishideepam. Manoj/Kutch/Gujarat View
97 16.02.2010 Gireesh Babu i like your programme very much Gireesh View
99 16.07.2008 Vondo G Nair Dear Sir, Good Morning. The last episode was extremely superb. Good and keep it up. Of course I know that ur team always will come out with flying colours. Convey my regards to one and all there. Please try to cover an episode covering the banana plantations in between thukalay and villukurichy. Even though we are in Tamil nadu, we too are malayalees. Regards, VINOD G NAIR, View
100 16.07.2008 Georgekutty Dear Sirs, I am a TV viewer from Mumbai. I have had the previlege to watch a few episodes of Kissan Krishideepam, broadcast by you. I like the way you present the programme and the high quality of video, sound, content and presentation. I would like you to broadcast a feature on orchid cultivation in all details including details as to where to procure them, how to grow them, what are the difficulties the growers might face, the varieties that can be grown easily or with minimum care as well as the cost factors. If possible, kindly give details as to where one can get training if at all there is some training available. I remember to have watched a programme once on orchids. can you provide me with a list of a few orchid farmers, so that I can talk to them or visit them and learn the art. Thanks. With Regards, Georgekutty. Tel: (022) 28923477 Mob: +91 9869 809094 View
101 16.07.2008 P.O. Jacob Dear Kissan Kerala Team, My name is Dr. P.O. Jacob, I am currently residing in USA. I watch your Krishideepam program regularly. It is very exciting and excellent resource for promoting agriculture activity. My heartfelt congratulations to all Krishideepam and Kissan Kerala team members. Best regards, P.O. Jacob View
102 16.10.2007 Sudheer KTK Sir, I am sudheer, a regular viewer fo krishideepam, dalam in asianet chanal. This is Amazing and Excellent program. This program giving lot of information about karshika kerala and agricltural. Sorry sir, small requist about your site, i go through your site and used the link of malayalam, but bad luck i can not read. i am not having that font. so u please give a small link to malayalam font. Regards Sudheer KTK View
103 17.02.2009 Prapin Chandran Ponattil Sir I saw the programme krishideepam every episodes.Its a wonderfull programme.I am so interested in agriculture. Prapin Chandran Ponattil Ottapalam View
104 17.02.2010 Vaishnavi Sudarsan Respected Sir, I am a student studying in class 9th and I am a viewer of your show. As a part of the new CBSE Syllabus, my team has a got an assignment of watching your very honoured programme "Kissan Krishideepam" and submitting about a report on the episode seen. I saw the episode on 29.01.10 about a person called Satheesh. I am sending this email to request to send more about that episode since i think i left out some valuable points and may get some words spellings wrong. I, therefore, hope you would respond to this letter as soon possible. Yours Faithfully, Vaishnavi Sudarsan View
105 17.03.2013 vinod Please upload the latest episodes of kissan krishideepam in youtube. View
106 17.04.2009 Uday sir i am a viewer of ur programme in asianet. It is very useful programme for the peoples who r interested in agriculture. with thanks Uday Attingal 9496195925 View
107 17.04.2009 Ramesh Nair Hello Kissan Kerala Team, I am Ramesh Nair, a native of Calicut, Kerala but presntly employed & residing with my family in Singapore. Whenever I get the opportunity/time, I watch the various programs/episodes of Kissan Kerala on Asianet here. They are very informative & instills in one the thoughts & courage of venturing into some new fields - it gives one the feeling that it is possible to start ones own enterprise if proper ground work is done & by acquiring adequate knowledge (you have been providing a lot of useful information). Yesterday, I watched the episode on BIOGAS partially (when I switched on the TV, the program had already begun). Kindly do send me soft copies of any literature/brochures you must be having on the various aspects of setting up a bio gas unit. Any information on the Dos & Donts & on the Costing aspects will be very useful & welcome. Thank You Best Regards, Ramesh (Hand Phone: 065-82330824) View
109 17.09.2009 krishna Very interesting and useful programme. View
110 18.02.2009 Gokulan Sukumaran Hi Everyone in Kissan Kerala Project, I also enjoy the programs telecast in the TV Channel. Please make this a success. All the best for everyone working in the team. Cheers... Gokulan. View
111 18.03.2013 Binu Chacko Dear Concern, My name is Binu chacko, originally from Karnataka and now I am working in uae. You programs are really excellent there is no word to say. It is really good for new generation people. I use to watch every Saturday but unfortunately missed some kissan krishideepam episode, that days feels like I did not eat. Is it possible for you send the link to watch only or advise. Thank you once again for the good work Best Regards Binu Chacko View
112 18.11.2008 Sudesh Subramanian It would be better if you could give more details in the same page under, different types of farming like for e.g below:. 1.)poultry-All informations to set/run professionally or from home, basics how to start,where do you get the cages etc for the same etc, about their diseases informtaion etc.their food, latest technologies to get outcome from low investments, if govt is providing loans for such business....where & how to approach for marketing, sales of the same... View
113 18.12.2009 Tesey Thomas Subject: Kissan Krishideepam in Asianet very good programme in televison.Appreciate the fact we are able to watch and learn about several activities that one can do in their house without much finance. I simply loved the progam Asianet telecasted today,Friday, December 18, 2009; 3:30 Kuwait time. The program was about honey processing in Trivandrum at a residence. SUGGESTION: when they show the address or contact number... do show it for a while so we can write it down. thanking you Tesey View
114 19.03.2010 pramod.vr Hai sir i used to watch all episodes of kissan krishideepam .i like very much .i am interested in this i am working in oman as a automobile supervisor.i am at Oman during the last 13 years pramod View
115 19.03.2010 Ganesh S Very good presentation program (Kissan Krishideepam) in Asianet.but, this program in doordharshan is very bad presentation. Good music and good scenarios of this program in asianet. View
116 19.05.2008 Jayasankar Dear sir, Iam Jayasankar from palakkad.Every friday iam watching your kissan programme through this movement I would like to appreciate to you all those who people involved to encourage people to any type of farm/agriculture. sir, I would like to start one cow farm in my village Akathethara that away from Dhoni farm Malampuzha. so I request you pls send all details regarding Financial loan and other facilities details. Best Regards, Jayasankar V.K.Edom Akathethara-po, Palakkad Kerala-678008 View
117 19.05.2009 Manoj James Hi dear Mr.Ajith, Hearty congrats for your valuable efforts in promoting various aspects of agriculture. I am glad to state that I am a proud,regular viewer of your programme even if I am living in a remote continent. Wish all the best for your efforts. Thanks a million, Manoj James, Ireland View
119 20.02.2011 sinoj Hi I have been watching krishideepam in you tube for the past 2 years.(again and again) It is so pleasant to see all your videos. I wish u all good success. sinoj View
120 20.07.2008 Pushpangadhan Parakkal Nair Dear Krishideepam, I am a regular viewer of the krishideepam programme on every friday at 5.30pm and find the programme very interesting and informative. Please keep up your good work. The programme on agri awareness among school children was excellant. As rightly said, "Catch them young". The love for agriculture should be borne in the child from school days and awareness can come only by reading and practically doing it, as we have seen in the programme. I appreciate the krishideepam team and all responsible for this programme. The Agriculture Minister and all others in the team need a great applause. Let Gods Own Country be self sufficient in Agriculture. Best wishes, Pushpangadhan Parakkal Nair Dubai, UAE View
121 20.10.2008 Abdul Rahman Dear Sir, I am a farmer and regular viewer of Kissan Krishideepam on Asianet. I am very proud to tell you that you are doing a great deed. Unfortunately I missed the programme on Friday (17/10/08) and Saturday (18/10/08). Please inform me about the next broadcasting of the same. Thanking you Abdul Rahman Kannur View
122 20.10.2011 MANOJ.P Dear krishideepam crew, I dont konw from where i have to start,But only one thing i can tell is ,this is the one and only programme which making me happy & reducin my tension for a while.Actual i wont get time watch this programme on TV .So i am downloading from youtube.So i have a request ,try to put all episodes in will be helpful for me & others who havnt time to watch on TV.Aprt fom this i would like to see 1 programme regarding veg cultivation in vattavada or any hill station... All the best team go ahead..... warm regards Manoj.p View
123 20.12.2006 Shine KK Hi, I would like to congratulate the whole team behind Kissan Krishideepam Asianet TV programme. Its one of the best programmes on Asianet TV. The theme, script, video, audio all very good. Youngsters are moving away from farm related activities. This programme will be an eye opener to those kind of people. If done properly we can make profit out of it. I am a lecturer with one of the polytechnic here. Back in Ankamaly we have some land. Having seen so many episodes, it gives me some idea how can we can effectively utilize our land. Could you increase the progamme timing to one hour? It will be much valuable to people than watching those cryig serial !! One again congrates to all of you. Keep it up Shine Singapore View
124 20.12.2008 SRINIVAS P Dear Sir, Iam very much interesed in agriculture and every week i watch the krishi deepam on Asianet channel and also view your web site frequently which is very much helpful to all the agri community and who are really serious about agriculture. Last week on 12.12.08 / episode 261 telecasted reg Mr. Danish Majeed, Kozhikode who is successfuly managing dairy farm with good implementation of latest technologies. My request is to kindly advise his contact details enable me to see him personally and learn some practical experiences from him. Awaiting your kind reply and support in this reg. Best Regards Srinivas.P View
125 21.02.2008 Jayaraj Hi, This is JAYARAJ from Bangalore, once again.. In yesterdays program, parichayam was very good and had good facts.. I think you must include that doubts of the viewers and its response by the genius Doctor. Regards, JAYARAJ.. View
126 21.02.2010 Clifton patric Hi, Every friday I was watching your programme. its good programme. Can you telecast about emu birds. I want start emu farm. I hope you will telecast the programme. Thanks Clifton patric U.A.E View
127 21.09.2011 Deva Hi team, I am a great fan of this excellent programme ,very inspiring. Best wishes Deva View
128 22.09.2010 Benny Joseph Dear Sir/madam, First of all my heartiest congrats for producing such a quality and informative Programme the Krishideepam I am a very interested viewer of the Krishideepam on Asianet, but very rare I get the time and chance to watch the programmes Is there a way that I can get the Programme CDs? What will be the cost of it ? can I choose from a List the programmes Awaiting to hear from you soon Benny Joseph View
129 22.11.2008 Mahesh Somarajan Congratulations for the crew behind Kisan Krishideepam. I make sure that I dont miss a single "dalam" of the program. Hats off to the people of Anad grama panchayat in Trivandrum for taking the initiative to resume paddy cultivation. I like the way the program is coordinated and is really a motivator for the people of kerala. I appreciate the way kissan krishideepam is presented and the script is impeccable. My humble suggestion is that all malayaless should be proud of kerala and should understand the potential of our blessed state and unite to make our state self dependent in agriculture All the best for each one of you who works for this program. Thanks a lot Mahesh View
130 22.12.2007 roji thomas rajan hi i am viewer of kissan krishideepam. it is really great and intresting. good if you was introducing a new division to the program - introduction of morden mechanical machineries used for agricultural , its cost, its availablity, made in, training on its usage, risk ect. As nower days less availablity & higher cost of labor is the one main factor for increasing agricultural cost for farmers in large scale. I am not sure whether it will creat an ill effect for the low-wage workers in the industry,anyhow a research study is required for it. View
131 23.03.2009 K.R.MOHAN SANKAR Dear Sir, Yesterdays programme was excellent (20th March 2009). Really I enjoyed. I was waiting for this episode for the last so many days. Kindly make necessary arrangement to put the entire episode date wise in net to enable us to view the same at our convenience. Regards and best wishes for future endeavors. Mohan Sankar Abu Dhabi View
132 23.04.2008 E .A. Salim Dear Sirs, I am E.A.Salim writing from Bahrain. Kissan Krishi Deepam is one programme me, my wife Sherly and Daughter Nayanthara do not miss. Friday being a holiday in Bahrain, 5:30 pm IST is a good time for us to watch the programme. It just satisfies our inner lust to see the green of our greenery. The natural reproductions. The nursing of the bio diverse organic system. The programme and its presentation are excellent. A topic which has all probabilities to go boring has been treated exciting. Please go ahead. Thanks and Regards E.A.Salim Civil Engineer Roads Special Projects Ministry of Works & Housing P.O. Box:5 Manama Kingdom of Bahrain View
133 23.05.2009 Daniel This is not just a programme for farmers. This is one of the few programmes on TV that our entire family looks forward to watch together. In these times when agriculture is no more in prominence, this is perhaps the only window through which we can show our children what krishi in Kerala is like, or rather what it was like years back. Rice fields, coconut groves and the entire atmosphere of the programme take us back to the good old days when agriculture was the most important aspect of our daily lives in Kerala. Thanks so much for this great effort. View
134 23.07.2007 Kavitha .A. Chandran The programme is highly informative and it conveys the different ways in which a person can excel in the field of agriculture.The methods are innovative and this programe is very useful. View
135 24.01.2010 BalamuraliKrishnan Hello Kissan Krishi Deepam, I am an IT Professional writing from Dubai. My aim to become a good farmer in future. Actually this program is given me lot of motivation. My hearty congrats to Kissan Krishi Deepam, actually I am very interested to watch this program because of I deeply like nature. Agriculture is the only way to keep our nature green and fresh. Today our Kerala is facing big food issue because of very hike price for our food products. The only remedy for this issue is we must want to do something in agriculture, everybody actively increase some production in agriculture. Each and every family want to produce some vegetables at least for their home use. Then surely the prices will come down after that poor can live well. My Humble Request Dear Kissan Krishi Deepam kindly increase your episodes than present. Best Wishes Balu View
136 25.02.2007 Brajesh Karimbath I started watching Kissan Krishideepam recently and now i dont miss a single episode. Yours is one of the best program in Asianet. I am recording your episodes and keeping it safe for futre refrences. Is there any way that i can get hold of a copy of all the old episodes in VHS or CD/DVD? I thought you may have it online under "Streaming Video" but its not available. Please let me know how much will it cost me to have them at the email or my cell no +971506757585 Thanks Brajesh View
137 25.03.2009 Pearls Immanuel Hello Krishideepam,My heart filled wishes for such a successful show in Asianet and YouTube also. I am great fan and love the information passed .My son who is schooling is interested in farming and loves the show too. My humble request is to convert all the shows as series and copy in DVDs and put them online on sale .Many people like me are waiting to buy ..Please consider my humble request. Thanks once again.. View
138 25.04.2009 Sarin Dear Kissan Kerala, Iam Sarin from Qatar , native of thrissur, chittilappilly.good programme, thanks to Asianet for telecasting. Sarin Qatar. View
139 25.04.2009 Saritha.V.K. Sir, I am a regular viewer of Kissan Krishideepam. It is a very good programme. This programme is an inspiration to people, especially youth. Kissan Krishideepam is a window , to enter the world of Agriculture. My all wishes to Kissan Krishideepam crew. Saritha.V.K. Cherthala View
140 26.02.2011 Jayan Kozhikote Hi, I am a regular viewer of Kissan Krishi deepam Program on Asianet. I would like to congratulate you for this incredible program which is very relevant in todays world where we are finding a depletion of Agriculture . The voice over of this program is fantastic and congratulations to the person who gives his voice for making the narration so interesting. I am particularly amazed with childrens involvement in agriculture and I am sure with more such initiatives, we will soon find more people getting back in to agriculture. Today with population growth and more people getting in to the so called Corporate World , the importance of agriculture which is the basic ingredient for the survival of mankind is taking a back seat. The current price hike of vegetables is a testimony of this and if we dont give more importance to agriculture, its a matter of time this takes us to an acute food shortage. Program like Kissan Krishi Deepam is a good eye opener and encouragement to people who wants to get in to agriculture. Congratulations once again and would like to see more of this program in future. Thank you. Best rgds, Jayan Kozhikote 33 Hume Avenue #03-03 Symphony Heights Singapore 598734 Mobile:+65-97374643 Email: View
141 26.02.2013 Anand Babu Dear Sir, I am a resident of Singapore who watch your program on Asia net regulary. This is very informative program and help me to feel at home in Kerala. I eagerly wait to watch this program which is my favourite. I would like to hilight a problem, Asianet is not sticking to time schedule and cancelling the telecast at their will. Could not see the program on 17 and 24 Feb at the regular time. This is wasting my time. Even on the days they telecast it start earlier or late. Viewers may miss some part of program due to this lack of punctuality. Very rarely the time is kept. Please look into this issue and improve. If there is change of time they can atleast intimate. In Singapore they have a telecast guide which shows the program and time. Thank you. View
142 26.06.2007 mini rani k r It is a very informative prgm which reminds to add fertlisers or pest control at time. Also encourages younger generation to do farming. I like it and tell others to watch it. The Borax mixture made by your advice was very effective for the fungus attack on our hibiscus plants. Thankyou for giving me reply for my query. View
143 27.02.2008 Jayaraj Hello, This is Jayaraj from Bangalore.. This fridays episode was amazing one. WISHING YOU ALL SUCCESS, regards, Jayaraj. View
144 27.03.2009 Aneesh T Program is good and interesting . I am a viewer of kissan krishideepam .Can you once again show the episode of fish farming . I am interested in fish farming. Thank you. View
145 27.07.2010 Rojijohn Hai I like the program. View
146 28.03.2009 santhosh ponnappan Dear Sir, I have your your programme based on Biogas. This is excellent programme, i have ever seen. The way in which the biogas is produced by different ways is excellent. Hats off to you. I would like to know details about this project, where do i contact. Thanks santhosh View
147 28.06.2009 Raju O Ninan Your programmes are really superb and informative. Your response to my query was swift and satisfying. View
148 28.11.2010 Pramod ks I like this programme very much. A lot of useful information i get from this programme. Thanking to all Crew members for creating this programme. Thanks Pramod KS View
149 29.03.2013 Anand Dear Team, Firstly i would like to congratulate you peoples for the great effort behind the Krishi deepam program. Really excellent! I am forced to write you peoples that kindly activate your youtube channel, i am a regular viewer of your youtube channel and it was not at all updated for more than 2 months. Please take necessary actions to update youtube channels also. Thanks Anand View
150 29.06.2007 Prasad subramanian Respected sir, Iam suniparambil prasad subramanian residing in mumbai, never miss ur programme. i really thankful for ur great job, which will be a great contribution towards agriculture. iam a keralite and my native place in trichur district. thanking you prasad View
151 29.07.2008 JOHN THOMAS I am working in Saudi Arabia since last 10 years and a regular viewer of krishi deepam. ‎Really it is a very nice program for the farmers to know about the scientific way of the ‎farming. Especially the organic farming. I am going through the web site and getting a lot ‎of information. Now I am planning to go back to our home country and start the farming. ‎This program is giving me an encouragement of doing farming by leaving my job. This ‎way I can full-fill my commitment with the nature too.‎ I appreciate your efforts to support and advice for the farmers and I believe we can bring ‎a new change in this field. This will help our young generation to stay in village, who is ‎now only thinking to finish their study and go out of the state for a job. ‎ I will be requiring the training in some of the field which is suitable for my land in pala.‎ I would like to covey my sincere thanks to this program organizers and their team. ‎ View
152 29.07.2008 Wilson Manakkil Sir, I am a regular viewer of Krishideepam. This programme is very much rich in content and information. It gives great pleasure to see the green pastures and agricultural richness of our state. It is indeed a very good programme. Congratulations to all the contributors of this wonderful programme. View
153 29.07.2008 Vijayan Pandala First of all may I appreciate idea of Kissankerala programme. I am technologist now invented VIJAYAM ++ve Water including for agriculture, animal husbandry & Fisheries.I am sending a leaflet and a banana produce seperete Email. For more information about my R & D work and innovative idea please see my Website View
155 29.11.2010 Senthil Kumar T S Dear kissan Kerala, Am a regular viewer of your programme.Although i wake up late in the morning saturday i wake up early to view your people are doing a great job by providing all great information to the needy people.with this mail i would like to request you something. i e am a great lover of dogs and want to get in to dog breeding so i would like to watch some success story of good dog breeders through your programme.i hope u will consider my request and do the needfull. Regards Senthil Kumar T S View
156 29.12.2006 Alende Hi People behind Krishidheepam, This is the first time writing to a TV channel. I felt Krishidheepam is one of the most interesting programs and this is the only program I?m watching in Malayalam channels. You guys are showing something real. This is really revealing the beauty of farming and it will really inspire a farmer. This is a small suggestion I felt the sound tracks are not justifying your picture. I really respect your effort to make Krishidheepam happening every week. Thanks, Alende. View
157 30.01.2009 George Pathrose Gents, Presently I am working at Dubai.Regularly Iam watching Krishi deepam program in asianet at Friday,really it is informative and interesting.Is this programs cd available? from where I can buy it? Thanks& Regards, George. View
158 30.04.2011 Sherin Dev Team, I have seen the Jayes Farm program in Krishideepam today and it was wonderful. Congratulations to those who have worked behind this program, they have really done a marvelous job. Telecasting such program not only motivate farmers, but also passes solid message to the young generation to know more and attract to farming and get the success... Excellent! Thanks a lot.... Sherin Dev Bangalore... View
159 30.05.2009 Mathew Varghese A great and wonderful programme.KRISHIDEEPAM which is showing through media is a wonderful programme. But wish to view all the previous episodes in a DVD.Please think about releasing all these through DVD (though some previous features are available in YOU TUBE)which helps people like me located in gulf.Watching this will definitely refresh the mind. GREAT WORK.. View
160 30.07.2008 Jayachandran Nair Dear Sir I was a regular viewer of Kissan Krishideepam in Asianet channel. Now your innovative move to upload all videos to youtube is an excellent idea, this in fact will have a great motivation particularly in people like me having interest in farming and living abroad. Its a great idea thanks a lot View
161 30.12.2008 Lijo John Hello krishideepam team, Iam sending this email from singapore the country where there is no agriculture and always depend other countries for everything except AIR.I watch this super fantastic programme all the is really essential for today. People find agriculture as a difficult task in our place and people quit agriculture and turn to other business gradually.But the programmes like KISSAN KRISHI DEEPAM really really attract and motivate people to the agriculture. Eventhough Iam from an agriculture family iam working in health care industry where i feel no happiness.In future i want to come back to my place(vannappuran-Idukki dt) and i want to do something in agriculture.ITS MY DREAM. I have a humble request to u that please dont stop this programme AND extend the time to one hour.I want to write a lot for this programme but cut short because of the lack of time. with warm wishes Lijo. View

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