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1 01.05.2007 Jest jacob elenkethill Dear All, Thanks for the Information, It was very pleased to hear from you and appreciate your efforts.We are presently residing out of Country,and to get the training is well limited (Practicals on field)to us.It could be more appreciable if your team could arrange the book or books which can guide us to acheive our aim.A book which had the good representaion with pictures and tools required for the same.Trust you all, that you could arrange us the books through courier.Where we will bear the cost once it is confirmed.Please advise the possibilities and cost incurred. Contact details will be soon informed Once we are replied.Once again thanks for the support. Best Regards Justin Jacob View
2 01.07.2009 Najeeb Sirajudheen sir, Thank you so much for your prompt reply, regards, Najeeb View
3 01.07.2009 Raghu Dear Sir, Great! Very happy to receive a quick reply form your side. Thanks & best wishes Raghu View
4 02.04.2009 dear Sir, As advised by your token no.19022 vide your email dated 24-11-2008 I had approached local Krishi Bhavan (after constructing a permanent compound wall with grill gate) during last week.The agri.officer in Vadakarapathy concerned was courteous to explain the details and encouraged me to start this floriculture as there are no enthusiasts on this venture and also about the suitable climate available in this region for it. Though he talked about the subsidy part but again I have to spend more .I already spent Rs.six lakhs for buying this plot and for constructing compound wall etc. I request from your side for any other help and guidance on this venture.I suppose this kissan kerala is doing good services to the needy farming community. Greetings from View
5 02.12.2008 I read your reply in your e-mail dated 24-11-2008 under token no 19022.Happy to get the reply soon. Thank you. View
6 03.02.2007 byju antony thanks to send reply to my mail View
7 04.01.2009 Jayachandran Your answer for my question is very much appreciated. Thank you very much. Thanks jayachandran View
8 04.01.2009 Thomas Found the answer useful and helpful. View
9 04.01.2009 Jagadeesh Raj The reply was quick and i appreciate it. i prefer to add some kind of blog so that people can chat and share the information. recently i went into a web page that was quiet well i am quoting the address below.pls go through and find how much people are ineterested in knowing about agriculture Regards Jagadeesh Raj View
10 04.02.2007 Jojy Job hi Thanks for the valuable information and your prompt reply :) Jojy Job View
11 04.04.2009 Madhu Soman The portal is an excellent platform for people like me who do not have any experience in agriculture but have the interest in the field. I appreciate the speed of response to my query from your team. Such initiatives will help in evincing interest in agriculture among non-agriculturists like me. Thanks once again and keep up the good work. View
12 04.05.2007 Dr.Reji Rani O.P Thankyou very much for the timely response.It will be better if the source/reference is also cited along with the replies. View
13 04.05.2007 RC Kaimal I am extremely happy to receive your prompt online reply. Thank you very much for the same. Pl keep it up. RC kaimal View
14 04.05.2007 Apiju Pulu I am thankful for your prompt reply. the information has been really useful. however from my point of view the information could be in detail if possible. View
15 04.11.2009 Ashique Sir, Thanks for your answer. I got the answer for the question which I post on your site. All the best View
16 05.01.2010 Abdul Azees A.P Sir Thank you and it is very usefull advice I go from you and thank you the team. I am expecting Further advices from the part of kissan team. View
17 05.08.2008 Rajesh Krishnan When i had posted a question, i havent thought that i would even get an answer.But u surprised me...Please keep up the good work.... View
18 05.10.2006 bobby nice and prompt reply...keep up the good work....very much impressed wishing all success to the project regards bobby View
19 05.11.2008 Salam It is one of the best service you provide to people like me to know about defferent unknown subjects.It would be benefecial to the people like me who residing abroad. View
20 06.02.2007 Biju Hi KissanKerala Team, Thanks for your effort. I appreciate your prompt and immediate reply for the queries. My hats off to your initiative in utilizing the power of Information Technology to support agriculture community. Regards, BIJU Kadungath View
21 06.10.2006 g.sree kumar sir, right now, i think ur services are the best & i dnt have any suggestions 4 improvment, as it is the best. pls keep it up thank u very much u r indeed helpful View
22 06.10.2006 Thennadan Devasy Jose Thank you for your reply mail and I really appreciate. Jose Thennadan View
24 07.02.2009 Rasheed pudussery Respected sir. Good work, thanks for your fast reply, thank you so much, i am so proud about Kissan kerala. Good luck Rasheed pudussery Editor & Special effects Visualiser International Business TV Dubai Mob : 00971501244833 View
25 07.11.2008 VISHNU R NAIR Hai, Your services are very good.I really appreciate your quick responses for the queries.KEEP IT UP. I have a small request that you should provide a link through which we will be able to view the telecasted episodes. I have find some episodes in YOU TUBE but I did not find the episode relating to fresh water fish farming. It will be so nice of you if you send me the link to the same . Thank You View
26 08.02.2007 Ramachandran Token : 9059 Dear Kissan Kerala Team, I would like to congratulate you first for giving me such a quick and clear response. Keep it up! Can you explain a little bit more the process B0-1, BI-2, CUT(1/4 S up), etc. With best regards Ramachandran K View
27 08.02.2007 Ramachandran K Dear Kissan Kerala Team, I would like to congratulate you first for giving me such a quick and clear response. Keep it up! With best regards Ramachandran K View
28 08.07.2008 Narayanan P.E Dear Sirs, I am a regular vititor of your Answered Queries site. Your module is actually an agricultural encyclopaedia. You are doing a wonderful job. Your project is not only beneficial to Farmers of Kerala, but also to all interested persons around the globe. Your response is prompt, answers are scientific and information is upto date. Your project is unique. Keep it up. View
29 08.11.2006 Rajesh.T.K Dear Sir Thank you for the valuable information . Can I get one project report of one medium size Diary farms with full details such as investment and its working methodology. View
30 09.09.2009 Mathew James Token : 9863 Subject :Irrigation Dear Sir the information provided to me was very useful . I wish to thank you for your prompt response. Regards Mathew James View
31 09.11.2006 Prasanth Vishnu hello friends, Thank u for the vakuable informations that were provided by ur team. It really helped me. regards, Prasanth View
32 10.01.2007 Manjula Dileep Thank you sir for your valuable advise. View
33 10.01.2007 Sebastian mathew Thanks a lot for your answer. I thankfully inform you that your mail to hand. with regards sebastian View
34 10.02.2007 P.K.Varghese Sir, Thank you so much for your quick response and also for your advise on manuring. We will surely do the manuring as you said. Your Kissan Kerala services are great and I am sure it is helping all the farmers in a big way. Good job and once again thanks for your help. Kind Regards P.K.Varghese View
35 10.03.2009 Dear Sirs(kissankerala team) Refer my e-mail dt 24th Nov 2008 and your prompt reply with token no 19022.It is really appreciable to receive reply so soon. George View
36 10.08.2011 k shah Dear Sir, I came across web site via you-tube. Recently i have been viewing some very interesting farming video clips. Unfortunately i am unable understand voice commentary in the native language of Kerala or Tamil nadu. All the episodes related to agriculture are well documented apart from that people around the world cannot share the knowledge and experience. I have a request to your editing dept, if they can insert english sub-titles in their video clips, so that viewers out-side India can share the technical and experience of Indian farmers. I hope the said request is adopted. Yours truly, k shah. View
37 12.02.2009 Agnes Ogunmuyiwa Dear sir, Thank you very much for answer my question regard the germinate of Tenera and Dura seed Many Thanks Agnes View
38 12.06.2008 George Johnykutty Respected Sir/Madam, Thank you for answering my query regarding the decaying mangoes. The reply was prompt and concise. I greatly appreciate the advice given. However, I would have loved to know where the fertilizers that were suggested for my problem could be purchased. View
39 13.10.2006 ashish thank you sir/mam, for solving my query. This is realy very good approach to spread the knowledge of medicinal plants. View
40 14.02.2009 sreekar rao Found this site is very good informative and usefull tips for improving cultivation in these days. Please let me know how to control termites from cultivation area. I am very much fed up with this termites which is destroying complete roots for all the crops. Waiting for your earliest reply. Thanks with best regards, Sreekar Rao. View
41 14.02.2009 Major Haridas Pudukudi I had asked details regarding Terrace gardening,because I missed watching your programme.You have advised me to contact Dr V B Padmanabhan by telephone.I would have appreciated if you had furnished his Email address or sent me a brochure on the subject.Anyway thank you for the prompt reply. I will be contacting Prof Padmanabhan shortly. View
42 14.10.2008 m sadasivan really thanks View
43 14.12.2008 NANDA KUMAR.M I received the feed back for my query posted at the site within hours. It is very much helpful. Hope the website will improve alot especially malayalam edition. Wishing all the best View
44 15.06.2007 Harisankar,P it is really apprectiable, please do inform me, if possible about recent developments in agriculture. hope u provide the same service for the farming community View
45 15.11.2008 Dileep G S The information provided was very useful. Thanks for the fast reply. Warm wishes for this project. View
46 16.01.2007 Unni Thanks for the help and will contact the local krishi bhavan and do the needfull. Thanking once again and will definetly get in touch if necessary. Regards Unni View
47 16.01.2007 Nazar Thank you very mutch your great reply and services. Nazar View
48 16.05.2008 Redhun Mohan I am thankful to kissankerala. View
49 16.12.2008 Prabhakaran E.N. Dear Sir, This is regarding your answer to my query (Token 19405). Thank you for the answer. While I was in Lucknow, U.P., I made an impenetrable and beautiful fence around my flat. I do not know the name of the plant and I have not seen it in Kerala. The plant has almost all features I mentioned in my query. The only draw back is, if the plants are allowed to grow, they become trees with fruits like beans and seeds like kidney beans. The flower is like mimosa (the sensitive plant). The beans are curly. The growth can be controlled by pruning twice a year or more often. I used to make arches and animal shapes on my fence. It was years ago. There are stores in Chowk, Lucknow where seeds of many hedge plants including the one I explanined above are available. I am trying to procure some through some old friends. If you have contact with any Scientist in NBRI or CIMAP, Lucknow, you can obtain and identify these seeds and plants. NBRI (National Botanical Research Institute) Lucknow also has beautiful fences in their garden with hedge plants. - Prabhakaran E.N. View
50 17.01.2010 Asha Thomas I would like to appreciate effort taken to give a quick reply to my query. Hope to get more advise in future also especially regarding naturally way of farming with out using any chemicals. Programmes like krishideepam etc is really very educational and useful Thanks & regards View
51 17.04.2009 Raheem Parakkadan Dear Kissan Team Thank you very much for your prompt response. hope , i can start a dairy farm near future with your support. truly yours Raheem Parakkadan View
52 18.02.2007 ARUN I am really happy for the quick reply for my query.THANK YOU.It would be much more helpful if i had recieved some pictures or photos. View
53 19.02.2009 RAMALINGAM.R we appreciate your quick reply. thank you. View
54 20.01.2011 ANVARSHA sir, ഞാന്‍ കൊല്ലം കരിക്കോട് അടുത്തുള്ള മേകൊന്‍ നിവാസിയാണ് എനിക്ക് ചെറിയ രീതിയില്‍ ഒരു മുയല്‍ കൃഷി,‍മുട്ട കോഴിവളര്‍ത്തല്‍എന്നിവയെ കുറിച്ചും അറിയാന്‍ താല്പര്യമുണ്ട് അതിനു കിസ്സാന്‍ കേരള നല്‍കുന്ന പഠന ക്ലാസ്സുകളെ കുറിച്ചും തുടങ്ങുന്നതിനു ആവശ്യമായ മുതല്‍ മുടക്കിനെ കുറിച്ചുംഅപേക്ഷ അയക്കേണ്ട അഡ്രസ്സും അയച്ചുതരണമെന്ന് അപേക്ഷിക്കുന്നു കുടാതെ ബയോഗ്യാസ്,പ്ലന്റിനെ പറ്റിയും അപേക്ഷ അയക്കേണ്ട അഡ്രസ്സും എത്ര ദിവസം മുന്‍പ് അയക്കണമെന്നും തുടങ്ങിയവ ശരിയായ വിവരങ്ങള്‍ ഇമെയില്‍ വഴിഅയച്ചു തരണമെന്നും താഴ്മയോടെ അപേക്ഷിക്കുന്നു എന്ന് ANVARSHA View
55 20.04.2007 RN SHRIWAS Thank you very much for your kind valuable advice. I must consult the state level expert, as advise by you, before making any further investment. I will let you know the outcome, lateron. Thanks you again. View
57 21.03.2012 Franko Alappat hi , Kissan Kerala Krishideepam is doing a fabulous job and this program really promotes and encourages our farmers with a dream of success. And as a viewer through online I would like to suggest, update your videos through youtube , as a subscriber i can view only 182 vidoes and you have almost covered more than 350 episodes in Asianet , as a Non resident i cant get the channel at my home , Will appreciate if my concern taken on your note Regards Franko View
58 22.01.2009 sajeev t thank you for valuable, quick information View
59 23.10.2008 XAVIOUR MP Sir, thank you for the reply for my query. I am seriously planning to start a diary farm project. kindly assisst with neceesary information. View
60 23.12.2008 mithun sir, its really gud. i never expect ur team will ans my question.For the last few weeks i was searching for this. being frank its motivates me a lot. thanks . mithun mathew View
61 24.12.2006 Prabhakaran E.N. Dear Sir, I received the information you sent to me. I am immensely satisfied by your response. Your action was prompt. Your online service is superb. Your experts are very professional and helpful. The information you supplied is very valuable to me. Since you have invited suggestions and feedback, I have a couple of suggestions to make. While going through the ?Crop Information?,I,as a layman, encountered a small problem. Under the heading ?Pulses?, I found Cowpea. I could not figure out what actually Cowpea is. Because of Font problem, I cannot read your Malayalam version. My humble suggestion is that if you had mentioned the local or common name in parenthesis eg. Black Gram (Uzhunnu), morons like me can understand. Similarly, under the heading ?Tubers? ? I do not know what Greater Yam, Lesser Yam and White Yam are. It is helpful if you include a small diagram or picture of each plant in the narrative part. Thank you once again for your assistance. Prabhakaran E.N. 1015 Lancaster Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11223 U.S.A. View
62 25.02.2009 Isaac Cherian Brilliant. Thank you! You people are doing EXCELLENT job for us Regards Isaac Cherian View
63 25.11.2008 M.R. Rashad Dear Sir/Madam, I am one of the permanent viewer of Kissan Krishi deepam and user of Wow excellent service. this is the first time I am receiving such a prompt reply. Since very long time am in Saudi Arabia. Very shortly I would like to settle my home village at Kollam district and start a small diary farm. But unfortunately I do not have much knowledge regarding this. Therefore could you please provide some information and technical advice and how much money needs to start a small farm starting with 5 high breed cows? Hoping your favorable support View
64 26.06.2007 Ramesh Nair Thank you so much for your valuable advisory service. View
65 26.06.2007 Ram Mohan thank you for your prompt and immediate reply. but one doubt exists. during monsoon, yhere will be a problem of water collection in the paddy fields. will it affect grass farming ? View
66 27.02.2009 V Balakrishnan Nair Thank you very much for the spontaneous reply. rgds - V Balakrishnan View
67 28.01.2010 Abdul Azees A.P Thank you very much It is very useful thank you once more.Abdul Azees AP View
68 28.10.2006 subhadra Thank you v v v much for the prompt reply with the information requested by me. I would appreciate if you include floricultue also. I am interested in agriculture and wish to know how wormiculture is done, how to procure worms and how to set up the same in my house.Is it easy to make compost from kitchen waste? Ours is a small family. thanking you sincerely subhadra token 7799 View
69 29.07.2008 V M D Nambudiri Dear sirs , Thank you for your kind mail. In fact I had been finding my association with you very informative and useful .. for example , you may recollect my enquiry to you last year regading cultivation techniques of Pathimukam and the suppliers of Pathimukam plants . That was only just a single instance .Like me , I am sure there are hundreds of other agriculturists who have numerous ideas .. but are lacking in the expertise . I am happy to say that you are their guide .. as is called Margadeepam I wish your new endeavour a grand success. Thanks/regds V M D Nambudiri View
70 29.11.2006 Jayachandran Nair Dear Sir I is amazing to see a Govt Establishment responding such a faster way. All the team behind Kissan Kerala is appreciated on behalf of our Association for such an action.Keep this tempo, you will always have success. Your website is excellent, with adequate information, I will go through it often and give you feedback. Regarding Jasmine plantation, we will liaise with Krishibhavan Attignal through our Local office at Attingal. If we need any clarification we will come back to you Once again wish you the best Regards Jcnair General Secretary (anra) View
71 30.06.2007 subil excellent service. View
72 30.07.2008 M.R. Rashad Dear Kissan Krishi deepam, Thank you very much a notification sent to my ID, since long time we all are waiting for such a movement from you. This will help a lot for us to watch and learn. Thank you very much; hoping your positive response. Best wishes for your new project, M. R. Rashad Dammam ? Saudi Arabia View
73 31.03.2009 Mahendran.V.P Dear Sir, Thank you for your kind subjection for the treatment of Nutmeg blast disease and expecting your co operation all the times, Best regards, Mahendran.V.p View

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