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1 01.09.2008 Geroge This site is very informative. I have a suggestion. Kindly provide a wider edit box in the page where questions complaints are posted ? The control where I am typing this message is better. View
2 02.08.2008 raju I find from U tube that though the visuals are informative,data on price of the product,brand and dealer details are not provided. This may be added to make the clip self explanatory. View
3 02.08.2008 pramod Very fantastic experience about ur youtube delivery of videos...Actually it is very much useful even in remote rural areas of our nation,if u could provide English annotation to d malayalam commentory.....I mean the hindi speakin regions also....The videos may not be of direct impact to them,but 4 us it may fetch market value,n people may know dat we malayalees practise agriculture seriously like Punjabis do...Congrats 4 ur entire team...keep on with this creativity.... View
4 03.08.2008 James John Dear Sir, I just go through the site youtube-kissankerala port, and its looks great and very informative. Even it is a short period, it gives an idea to develop our imaginations. Thanks for the efforts you made to put this on web and hope to see more informative videos in this portal. Best regards. James John from Saudi Arabia. View
5 03.08.2008 Devdas bhaskar it is indeed gr8 to hv this on google. thanks a lot Dev View
6 03.08.2008 Dr.Rahul.dp respected sir, the project started in you tube, is excellent. it is very helpful to me as it keeps me informed of recent developments even if i miss few episodes of kissan deepam. i am really grateful to agriculture dep and organisers of kissankerala for starting such a wonderful venture View
7 04.07.2010 Rajendran.K.K Hello, The portal is very useful for farmers of Kerala. Please include more video stories especially from Government of India Board research stations like Coffee Board,Rubber Board, Spices Board Cashew Board and agricultural research institutes. With best wishes .Rajendran View
9 05.07.2009 GHAR D.V. Dear Sir, I saw many video clips on youtube. They are innovative and informative. Pls. add English language subtitles to it so that all over the world it will communicate perfectly. Thanking you. GHAR D.V. View
10 05.11.2007 Amit V.Gadre Respected Sir, Your website is very imporatnt for farmers and extension workers. Sir, I am working as a sr.Sub.Editor(Features) in AgroWon newspaper. This is first daily agricultural newspaper in maharashtra. Wish you All the Best........ View
11 07.11.2006 Dr. Kathiresan I gone through the whole site and it is really informative and things are well arranged. I feel it is one the best portal in the field of agriculture in india that i have visited. What is the reason, that you have almost avoided photographs in crop informations and other areas? View
12 09.11.2006 Jayesh The site is a very usefull one in dissemenating information to any body who love farming. So please let the good work continue. Thanking you, Yours faithfully Jayesh View
13 10.02.2011 Datta Global Traders Hi , We (Datta Global Traders ) are exporters in Agro products and spices based in India. We come across this interesting and useful site and many thanks to Government of kerala. Warm regards Datta Global Traders View
14 11.03.2009 ANVAR ALI P.K GOOD View
15 11.04.2010 amit dhumal First of all i congratulate u all for very nice work doing by u for farmers. sir KISSAN KERALA is the first favorite site of mine in agri field. ur work is really appreciable. keep it up. Amit Dhumal Maharashatra View
16 12.02.2009 ROY CHERIAN Please include a special section for fruit trees, which include planting, manuring, diseases, prevention, use of pesticides, fruits etc. Thanks Roy View
17 12.11.2007 satish kumar Excellent idea. I would like to congratulate everyone involved in this portal. I also have a question related to the technology. Is there any system/technology available yet to protect crops when rains come earlier than expected. Last year many farmers had loss as they could not dry their grains due to rains and it just rotted away. Keep up the excellent work View
18 13.06.2012 Sinoy John Appreciate the effort and activity and really you reserve a big hands of applause. I used to watch Kissan program in TV however due to some time changes in my job i couldnt get time now. Things are high tech and all houses have internet connections ao i think time to update the web portal View
19 13.12.2011 Dr. JIPPU JACOB The site is quite informative. Would certainly go a long way in making more number of people adopt new and efficient methods of farming. At the same time, attention is invited to your section on KAU under the Institutions. Now that the two Universities; viz. (i) University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, and (ii) University of Fisheries; have been formed in Kerala by extracting (i) the Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, and (ii) Faculty of Fisheries, from KAU, the details concerning the KAU require updating. Hope you would do the same at the earliest. Thanking you, Jippu Jacob View
20 14.02.2009 John Mathew Hi, The online video channel is great. Would you please,please add teachings by Fukuoka and Subhash Palekkar etc? because our people need to know more and more about new generation farming techniques like Zero budget natural farming etc.That is our only hope, If we have to survive. Thank you very much. View
21 14.02.2009 John Mathew Hi, The online video channel is great. Would you please,please add teachings by Fukuoka and Subhash Palekkar etc? because our people need to know more and more about new generation farming techniques like Zero budget natural farming etc.That is our only hope, If we have to survive. Thank you very much. View
22 14.10.2009 Binoop Please Please add new videos, I dont have Asianet (or any Malayalam) channels here in UK. These videos are realty inspiring very much appreciated. ( I am thinking of leaving my well paid job in a UK university and come back to Kerala and start farming) View
23 15.03.2007 Abu Shefeeq I appreciate your quick response. Your site, static information, style are appreciatable. But in my openion you can improve a lot this site as your have very professional staff and the state govt and central govt give very good back up service, especially in the new budget. Site should be friendly, without having any kind of confusion. The visitor should have the option to visit as he wants. One photograph can speak more than 10 pages of words. So, try to arrange some pictures of seeds, fruits, insecticides, different kinds of plantations and their respetive stages, etc. View
24 15.12.2010 Gopalakrishnan A log in ID and pass word for the user may be provided in the site along with a database of interested members to interact with each other in the matters of common interest. View
25 16.11.2007 Br.Sivamrita Chaitanya Kindly include the malayalam names (If possible in Malayalam Script) in crop information / Farm Directory / Farming Practices etc. Laymen generally finds it difficult to understand the Botanical or English names of crops. View
26 17.09.2011 T.M.Thomas My search for a package of practices for vegetable cultivation, brought me to your pages. Thank you for giving such detailed information. I am an outdoor power tool dealer, and I have recently procured a very small garden tiller which I wish to try for vegetable cultivation works. The machine is the STIHL MM 55 tiller, and I procured both pick tines and bolo tines. If the machine performs as expected, this will be a great tool for small and marginal farmers. I am also an authorised servicing dealer for Stihl machines. You could visit the following link for information on Stihl products. Have a look at the MM 55 cultivator. ( My mobile number is 9995823471. View
27 19.08.2011 Abhilash Nair Dear Sir, I am quite impressed by this portal, I am sure it would very beneficial for people like me who have no much experience in agriculture, but is quite curious to learn. The team is also very special! My best wishes. thanks and regards, Abhilash View
28 19.09.2008 Francis Dear Kissan Kerala members, I appreciate the helps you provide to public. It is really helpful. The information you provide helps many for building their future. The # of queries itself shows that there are lot of beneficieries for your website. Francis View
29 19.09.2011 Muhammad Hi, I want to say many thanks for provide a lot of great information especially the documentary about successful farmers...But I hope you can provide english subtitle for every videos, so it can be internationally viewers.... Thanks a lot for all that knowledge...Bless u.... View
30 20.05.2009 SHIBIN Dear sir, with extreem pleasure i am writing you. let me point out some modification needed by you to your website to make it useful and some misguiding information there in the site. 1. it will be more useful if you codify the question and answers with commen subjects and avoid duplication in FAQ section than the prevailing model. 2. please try to upload maximum episode of kissan krishideepam into the youtube channel. actually i am a regular viewr of the series, but if i miss some episode i feel regretted which we can view through effort less. this need one or two days effort. more over sometimes we wish to see the episode again and again. this is realy a visual treat with good camara,good and clear commentary and good editing. years back i suggested to make and market the episodes as cd, which you people made practical through youtube.( if possible upload all the videos with episode numer). any way totaly good site wish you all the best warm regards shibin View
31 21.02.2009 S.Madhavan Nair In the crop information section, information about Brinjal cannot be accessed. There looks to be some problem with the file. Please correct this. Also a general information required in the crop information is the quantity of water required by the plants at various stages of growth. Otherwise CROP INFORMATION is a good source of information My best wishes to the entire team..... View
32 21.12.2010 Sreejith T.R Dear Sir, I saw the episode details link in your website. It gives just the details of episode only, it should be much better if you can link to the each uploaded videos in youtube. If someone those who couldnt watch the episode on TV, they can also watch it from these links. View
33 24.11.2009 veena 1)It would be good if u show the episodes of Kissan Krishi Deepam online . View
34 25.09.2006 Sreesanth Hello, Sir. I have come to this site through google. I am a degree graduate and i like agriculture very mcuh. My family is an agriculture based family. I really liked your site and very useful. All the best. Sreesanth View
35 26.02.2011 Ramesh I have visited the kissan kerala site. My hearty Congratulation for your efforts to provide web based information for the farmers. M Best wishes Ramesh View
36 26.05.2007 M.V.Ashok The initiative of the Govt of kerala is indeed laudable one . I would like to give a few suggestions. The portal does not benefit farmers who are involed in farming other than crop cultivation, like fishermen, Poultry farmers,Dairy farmers,etc. Hence you should think of broadbasing the same.Further it would be useful if you can associate a commercial bank like State Bank of Travancore,, Regional Rural Banks like South Malabar Gramin Bank and North Malabar Gramin Bank,etc to give information on types of loans available to farmers and the documents required, eligibility criteria, amount of loan , rate of interest,etc so that it could be useful to the user. Wishing the portal all the best. M.V.Ashok View
37 26.08.2010 YASHWANTH Sir , I am student of MScIT I year in IIITMK , until AJITH KUMAR sir briefed about it in the class I am not aware of this kind of project , special thanks to my sir & all the team for developing and creating an very useful,unique and exemplary site : I am viewing this site daily so that I can suggest something and help farmers as my contribution : The online video services , advisory services . push-pull services , tele services , YOUTUBE videos everything is awesome and exemplary sir , but sir my suggestion is promoting the site is also equally important so that it can reach the people easily and then they can utilise this to the maximum extent : In villages distribution of pamphlets explaining about this and giving the mobile number, canvassing , pasting banners etc may help the farmers more and more so that they will become more aware of the project , also explaining about this portal to village Heads(secretaries) and asking him to promote may also help sir , sir one more suggestion there is info regarding seeds but sir there is no information regarding the price of the corresponding crop after it comes to hand (i.e., when farmers wanted to sell to the market ) so what I would like to add is sir , also tabulating the MIN and MAX cost of a particular crop in various markets may also help farmers very much so that they can view and sell the crop for more profit sir :: My family background is agri sir , I am glad,very very happy & No words to congratulate the team who made this worlds first agri portal , thanks to everybody for utilising the technology is such a beautiful way , YASHWANTH - KHAMMAM (Andhra) , MScIT , IIIT KERALA . View
38 27.09.2007 Joseph kalathoor site is good. View
39 28.02.2011 sabi.s sir,this portal is found to be a hub of information needed to farmers in almost all needed fields.but it could have been made more efficient if CHDSS was in interphase mode.the expertise system could have been made wholesome by including all other crop management practices also,including more all informations are available,if made in interphase mode it would have been rather more effective.iwould like to suggest to make this to a EXOWHEM model,developed by IASRI newdelhi,which gives all informations needed in an interphase manner in wheat.thank you. View
40 29.07.2008 vinod pillai It is a good site View
41 30.07.2008 Lawrence MG hello, online video channel is looks nice, not gone thru all videos, but the new step in this is great, congrats, providing agricultural lessons in video tutorial model will help the farmers. thanks a lot and wish all behind this all success. thank you, View
42 30.11.2006 Krishnakumar Hi, Good to see such details in web. Wayanad has a prominent posotion in agriculture in Kerala. But following links in the site, Kerala Agri Directory Planting Material availability etc does not have any data for wayanad. Can you please give details for wayanad too. View
43 30.12.2009 Dr. Rajeevan Moothal Sir/Madam, I am working in Ethiopia as Assistant Professor in Geology. 37 year old bachelor who also worked as Director of an NGO, formed by myself and other like mined people in Kerala in Kasaragod in 2005. Due to lack of projects in the intial stage I have taken an International career to develop the finacial background and as well as the experience. I have seen the website very interesting and powerful to solve the needs of farmers of Kerala and also national and international. It is very informative and neat and well researched site with so much of information in a well organised way. No wonder you received many awards. We are proud as Keralites, that an organisation like this do many works on traditional farming. Hope you can connect this inforamtion to the farmers and there by remove their ignorance and unemplyment and poverty in the rural kerala like Wayanad, etc. Thanks, Rajeevan. View

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