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Name :Madhavan
Address :
District/City :Calicut
State :Kerala
Country :India
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Entry date :14th March 2007
Subject :About Krishideepam

Dear Sir,

I happened to see your programe on Biogas using cowdung and wastes, through Asianet channel recently. I am really impressed. I appreciate your efforts. That is why this is written. Your programme clearly indicated that dairying can be made a profitable job for the farmers. Only much publicity or approach from your side to the farmers, instead of farmers coming to your office, is essential. Public meeting in villages by your department will help farmers to know the support, your department gives and farmers can avail the facilities for their improving their standard of life. Bank people can be invited in the meeting so that loan facilities can be brought to the notice of the farmers. Farmers may not be aware of the facilities, your department and banks give for their welfare. You may use the additional help of Sef Help Groups, NGO so that your task becomes easier.

I learnt that bio gas can be used for cooking thereby saving cost on LPG; same way electricity can be saved by use of biogas. These two, will definitely the eliminate the expenditure of farmers in villages. If pumps in farm field can be run on bio gas, it will be still better for pumping water to the field. This will result in better production of crop. Your effort will surely result in more milk production by farmers adopting dairying thereby not only shortage of milk and milk products supply is reduced but also make India No.1 all the time and increased milk production will help India to earn more by export as there is demand for dairy products in foreign countries. You may look to the news on ban of export of skimmed milk powder by govt. due to shortage.

You will be knowing in metro cities, people depend on all products. Many wastes including plastic bags are there in cities. Metros are finding difficult to dispose off. These wastes not only pollute the air but also is a source of illness. If these wastes can be converted into biogas, by supplying to the farmers or bio-gas production in smaller area (may be a small tank can be developed if possible) in houses/many flats in a block, in metros; this will be boon to the metro people. Benefits mentioned in second para will reduce electricity, especially in summer to the people in metros, in addition elimination of wastes and keeping area clean. I happen to learn that even feather, waste of meat, coconut water, etc can be used to generate bio-gas.

I request you the programme you have shown may be communicated to all milk unions and Federations in each state for further spreading so that milk production will be at faster rate. This is my view. In case you feel my thoughts are found logical & acceptable and implemented by you, I am satisfied. No doubt, an acknowledgement will double my satisfaction on account of my doing something to the nation through your department.


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