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Name :Arun Sivasankaran
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District/City :UAE
State :UAE
Country :UAE
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Entry date :4th March 2010
Subject :About Krishideepam
Dear Kissan Kerala krishideepam,

I am a regular viewer of Kissan Krishi Deepam, and really appreciate your efforts in bringing to life such beautiful efforts of individuals, their interest in farming, leaving professional jobs and involving in farming activities. I too is a firm believer of the fact that soil can give you enough if you are ready to put your efforts sincerely.

I am attaching some snaps of Our Courier Staff, Mr. N.K. Hariharan, who has bought out the farmer in his mind, during the free time in our warhouse premises and cultivated lots of Pumpkins ( White & Yellow), Bitter Gourd, Drumsticks, Beans, tapoica, green chillies, Curry leaves etc. Our team here consisting of 15 drivers, also manages a small poultry farm including various Hen, Cocks, DUCKS, sparrows etc. I am enclosing some snaps of Mr. Hari with this letter.

Mr. Hariharan has attained retirement from our company, and hence i wish to telecast this as a tribute for his services and interests.

Your Programme hostess Usha is very brilliant at keep this up...
Arun Sivasankaran

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